Alkalix Water Treatment Systems are made with the latest point in water treatment and processing technologies. It creates a good combination with powerful pre-filtration, activated carbon and membrane. This triple combination produces solutions for more than 100 chemical and microbiological pollution in drinking water.

In addition to carrying carboy or pet bottle parcels, it is also a benefit to get immediate, effortless and worth 1/20,  healty water from a tap on the kitchen sink as well as financial and burden. In addition to drinking water, real water is needed to make tea, coffee and food, and foods prepared with this water are more delicious and healthy. Pesticides on fruits and vegetables washed with soft water are more easily soluble.

Many systems on the market improve the appearance and taste of water. However, very few reduce the possible harmful pollutants and much less effectively destroy water-borne bacteria and viruses. Alkalix systems do both.

  • Experts advise us to drink at least 8-10 glasses a day, ie 2-2.5 liters of healthy and clean water.
  • Please do not allow your mouth to dry to drink water. This is a sign of chronic thirsty.
  • When sports or heavy work is done or when you reach high altitudes, the need for water increases.

Ideal drinking water have to be free from harmful substances, should be the criterion according Turkish and the World Health Organization’s pH and mineral levels. Reverse osmosis water treatment systems have membrane technology, ‘including waste water discharged from the body’, it can even convert seawater to drinking water. In this way, it can filter bacteria and viruses as well as substances such as sand and gravel which are the simplest to be treated.

Yes, Reverse Osmosis does not allow the passage of any harmful substances in the water because of its superior technology. However, it is not possible to determine the amount of suspended substances that vary depending on the characteristics of the inlet water. However, thanks to the carbon filter, which is the last stage of your device, the minerals that are lost to the water are returned to the water. In this way, the mineral level in the water is balanced.

Spring waters are threatened by environmental pollution. It may be more risky because it is not chlorinated and stale because of waiting. Isn’t a burden to worring about ending up at any moment, the trouble of making or carrying your order and most importantly, the money you pay? Don’t you worry about the news in the press about spring waters?

For these reasons, the most common solution used for drinking water in developed countries is the ‘professional’ drinking water systems. Because it is wise to obtain ‘ideal’ drinking water from tap water with the right method and system.

It is the most advanced form of the so-called ultra filtration system in the industrial field. The reverse osmosis system is the most comprehensive and safe way to produce purified drinking water or industrial domestic water. Today, this method is used in bottled water production facilities. Benefits of using reverse osmosis: Gives clean and healthy water: 99.9% purifies from heavy metals, viruses and bacteria.


In summary; water molecules are forced to pass through a semipermeable membrane in the system by pressure. The membrane structure is wrapped spirally. Them membrane holes are 50 times smaller than the smallest known virus and 5000 times smaller than the smallest known bacteria. Undesirable substances, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria and so on automatically from waste water discharged. It does not contain harmful substances like other filter systems. It allows you to get healthy water continuously.

Filter change period; depending on the amount of water consumed and network water pollution;

Pre-Filter Replacement: Between 6-12 Months

Full Filter Replacement: Between 15-18 Months

It needs to be done.

If the water pressure is low, devices with pump should be preferred and if the water pressure is high, you can prefere the device without pump.

The pump activates where the water pressure is insufficient and increases the water pressure. In order to use a device without a pump, the water pressure must be 3.5 – 4 bar.

A pumped device must be used in all places below this pressure.

In 5-stage devices, we obtain water close to pure water. An 8-stage device also has an “Alkaline, Mineral and Detox” filter.

ALKALINE FILTER: Increases the pH level of water.

MINERAL FILTER: It regains minerals such as calcium and magnesium into the water.

DETOX FILTER: with Alkaline filter together, it remove toxins from the body.

Alkalix Warranty process in our water treatment devices; The warranty given by the Ministry of Industry and Trade is 2 years. However, if the filter changes are made regularly with the authorized service and original filters are used, the company’s warranty provided for +3 years. All non-lime and pressure problems are covered by the warranty.

Installation must be carried out by an authorized workshop. The reason is; The authorized service is to perform an accurate installation by measuring the network pressure and lime before installation. It is recommended to use a pumped device in places where the pressure is low and to be installed by recommending a pressure reducer where it is high.

If the values ​​of your water are above normal values, you can add the so-called ‘SILPHONE’ lime filter to the device you prefer to extend the life time of the filters. Thanks to this additional filter, you get both healthier water and prolong the life of your device.